The Department of E-Commerce announced the graduates of the Technology Leadership Forum (TLF).

Two years ago the Technology Leadership Forum (TLF) was founded.  This group made up of key influencers and leaders in the technology industry in Bermuda came together with the objectives to encourage dialogue, address issues, propose action steps, and to be a networking group amongst peers.  The TLF is designed to contribute to advancing the agenda of creating a sustainable, qualified and professional ICT leadership pool of resources in Bermuda.

Minister of Energy, Telecommunications and E-Commerce the Hon. Michael Scott, JP, MP said, “The most important component of this programme is the access that the interns have to the TLF network. Since the programme’s launch in June, the interns have interacted with all levels of the ICT business community through networking breakfasts, company tours, workshops, and the TLF’s Student Networking Event. I must say that due to the proactive nature of the 2009 interns, they have leveraged the access that they have had to these individuals to glean career and education advice, develop mentoring relationships and learn from the experiences of the TLF’s ICT professionals.”

The students worked in various Government Departments including the Department of E-Government, Information Technology Office. There were also students placed at Belco, the Bermuda Hospitals Board, Ernst and Young, Capital G, Renaissance Re, and IBM/BSC.  During their internship the students received training in data warehousing, business intelligence, security, networking, project management and other Information Technology tools.

The technology leadership forum is designed to represent the interests of the ICT industry both large local and international businesses, in partnership with The Department of E-Commerce and other government partners, to assess and strategize about addressing the shortage of qualified individuals in the IT sector.  In May 2009 this program was launched with the TLF Summer Internship Programme.  This programme was developed to provide hands-on experience working in a business environment while exposing the interns to theory, work skills and knowledge in the various areas of ICT. The programme also provided interns with information to enable them to make sound career choices and provided the interns with details on the educational and experience requirements to enhance their potential for employment in the future.
The graduates include Colin Outerbridge, Tyray Lathan, Cyniqua Anderson, Brent Guntl, and Alex Styche graduating with Merit; Trevin Ming, Ayanna Wolfe, Zarinah Codrington, Alje Talbot and Shaun Richards

The Director of E-Commerce Nancy Volesky said, “Opportunities of this nature for our young people would not be possible without our sponsors Renaissance Re, BELCO, Bermuda Hospital Board, Bermuda College, IBM/BCS, Fireminds, Gateway, Ernst and Young, and CCS Group Limited.  We thank them for their support of this progam.”

The Technology Leadership Forum will be accepting applications for their 2010 internship program beginning in October, please visit www.TLF.bm for further information and to submit your application.

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