All of the following documents are required to be submitted as part of your application for the TLF Internship Program 2022. The deadline is March 18th, 2022.

    To apply for the Technology Leadership Forum Summer Internship Program students must be:

    • Enrolled in college or university studying Information Technology, Computer Science or a related field.
    • In your 3rd or 4th year of the program, or a recent graduate within the last 12-16 months.

    Applications must be submitted in full to be considered. We only accept online applications. Items required:

    • Application form
    • Resume
    • Transcripts
    • References
    • Written Submission – Why you should be chosen for the TLF Internship
    • Written submission - Team Project Concept
    • Written research paper on the topic: Artificial Intelligence Bias or Machine Bias

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    Proof of Bermudian Citizenship

    PassportDriver's licenseBirth Certificate

    Upload a copy of your ID

    If you were referred to apply for this internship, please supply your referee's name

    Please indicate the date you will be back in Bermuda to start the internship

    How did you hear about the TLF Internship Program

    Please provide your Resume/CV (PDF or Word Document only)

    Written Submission for Why you should be choosen for the TLF Internship Programme (PDF or Word Document


    Unofficial University Transcripts (PDF or Word Document only)

    Character References x2 (PDF or Word Document only)

    Written submission - Team Project Concept - Please submit a one page outline of an idea for an mobile app that your TLF Team will development for their summer team project. If successful, be prepared to present this idea in your interview.

    Written research paper on the topic: Artificial Intelligence Bias or Machine Bias


    • 1.5-2 pages (single spacing)
    • Memo style format
    • Do not plagiarize
    • Use the questions below as a guide
    • Discuss what AI is. How does it work? What is it used for? Introduce what AI Bias/ Machine Bias is. What are some of the social impacts that result from AI Bias? How do such biases happen? Who is affected by AI Bias? Can you find a particular case where an individual was a victim of AI Bias? What are the flaws that contribute to the biases? How can AI Bias be fixed? Are there any companies that have come forth with a solution- what is it? Is it Fixable in your opinion? Can AI ultimately be trusted in your opinion?
    • Include your sources

    Confirm you have provided all of the required documents:

    Application FormResume/CVUnofficial College/University TranscriptsTwo (2) Character ReferencesEssay: Why I should be a TLF Intern?Team Project ConceptResearch paper for topic