Technology Leadership Forum Graduation Ceremony Celebrates Bermuda’s Future Information Communication Technology Leaders

University students put their education to work this summer during the annual Technology Leadership Forum (TLF) Internship Programme. Graduates of the programme, Chante Pitcher, Jameko Gomes, Kevin DaCosta, Zara Francis-Roban, and Marques Jean-Baptiste received certificates of excellence at the commencement ceremony on Tuesday, August 20th, 2019, held at the AXA XL headquarters in Hamilton.

Over the course of the summer the students learned on the job through an internship with partner companies on the island. The TLF Internship Programme aims to develop a future-ready workforce by providing students with real-life industry experiences, an opportunity to learn from information and communication technology (ICT) implementations, classroom workshops as well as developing their leadership skills.

During the classroom training sessions, students are introduced to a number of topics such as Business Continuity, Project Management, Data Warehousing, Programming, and IT Audit, to name a few. The purpose of these introductory courses are to give the interns insight into an array of technology and business topics that will help them have a better understanding of where they want to take their careers in tech.

The interns were also tasked with a team project in which they had to develop, implement and pitch a technology solution and business plan for a potential business concept. Team-work is a cornerstone for many careers in technology. The team project helps the interns develop essential skills such as problem solving, conflict resolution and decision making that are necessary in their careers.

Delivering the keynote address at the ceremony, Premier The Hon. E David Burt, JP, MP praised the work of the internship programme: “Technology has proven to be the gateway to the future. I have always believed that for the progression of a successful Bermuda, we need young professionals capable of fulfilling these new jobs in technology. I believe that this programme is a beneficial experience for everyone involved, and provides invaluable experience in the field that is unmatched anywhere else in Bermuda. I would like to thank the TLF board and the organizing team for all of their hard work. I would also like to acknowledge and commend our generous sponsors that have sustained the TLF throughout the years. Without their support, none of this could have been possible. Thank you to the Department of ICT Policy & Innovation, Connectech, W&W Solutions, Omega One, Validus Re, AXA, Deloitee, CCS Group, Colonial, and Liberty Specialty Markets. So, thank you to everyone involved in this year’s programme.”

Two special awards were handed out during the evening. The Most Outstanding Student Award was given to an intern who had made a positive and lasting impression on the TLF committee and sponsor companies during the summer internship, embodying the objectives of the TLF Internship Programme. While academic and work performance was critical in the consideration of the most outstanding student, the interns’ leadership potential, maturity and growth during the programme was impressive. This year’s winner was Chante Pitcher.

The second award was the TLF Most Inspiring Professional Award. The success of the TLF Internship Programme rests with the participation of ICT professionals who give of their time and expertise through teaching, mentoring and networking with each year’s interns. In a programme where the interns are expected to go above and beyond, it is no surprise that the ICT professionals involved do so as well and more. The ICT Professional Recognition Award is the interns’ acknowledgment of an ICT professional who made an impact on the cohort by providing instruction, advice and counsel to enable them to move towards their career goals. This year the award was given to Angelika Wilson.

TLF 2019 Sponsors

  • Government of Bermuda, Department of ICT, Policy and Innovation
  • Validus Re
  • AXA XL
  • CCS Group Limited
  • Connectech, W&W Solutions
  • Deloitte
  • Colonial Group International
  • Omega One
  • Liberty Specialty Markets

About the TLF Internship Programme

The TLF was founded in 2007 because of an identified need for qualified Bermudian talent in the ICT field. The registered charity is run in partnership between private and public sector technology companies and organizations. The TLF’s prime objectives are to encourage dialogue, address issues, propose action steps, mentoring and to be a networking group amongst peers.

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