Technology Leadership Forum and Career Pathways Programme Team Up

Technology Leadership Forum and Career Pathways Programme Team up to Secure Placements in local ICT firms for Berkeley and CedarBridge Students

The Technology Leadership Forum (TLF) is a local charity that supports the education and development of Bermudians in the technology industries. The TLF was formed 8 years ago through a public-private sector initiative to address local talent shortfalls by bridging the gap between theories in the academic environment and the realities of technology careers in the business world.

The TLF have partnered with the with the Ministry of Education’s Career Pathways Programme to assist them with placing some of their IT students from Berkeley and CedarBridge in local companies. The Career Pathways Programme was designed to provide senior school students at CedarBridge Academy and Berkeley Institute with pathways to greater preparation for career and college opportunities for a fulfilling life beyond the classroom.

The TLF has a large network of relationships and partnerships with the local ICT community. Many of the partnerships have grown from their annual Summer Internship Programme that coaches a number of college level IT students through a rigorous summer of training, project work, and work experience. The TLF has assisted with placing 14 students interested in IT in local companies.

Sandra DeSilva, the Chair of the TLF said: “Our vision with this TLF-Career Pathways partnership is to inspire and mentor these high-school students and guide them on their academic journey with the hope that they will participate in the TLF Summer Internship once they have started university. “

“We’ve found that a vital part of ensuring a flourishing IT industry for the future is catching students when they are young and curious and still exploring their interests. If we can nurture their interest in technology in their teenage years and offer direction on their academic paths when they make the decision about their degree, they will consider getting the degrees and qualifications that are needed in Bermuda.

Dr. Radell Tankard, the Education Officer for the Career Pathways Programme said that, “the Department of Education is delighted to partner with the Technology Leadership Forum and its associates. This partnership is extremely important because it provides senior school students in the Bermuda Public School System with the opportunity to learn about industry standards and expectations and explore potential areas of employment.”

The Career Pathways Programme is a work- based initiative between the Department of Education,   Bermuda College and businesses/organizations throughout Bermuda. One afternoon a week for a period of twelve weeks, students select a work experience in one of five areas: Applied Technology, Business & Hospitality, Health & Human Services, Athletics, Arts & Communications and Advanced Academics. At the end of the work experience, students are assessed with their grades contributing toward the Bermuda School Diploma (BSD).

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