2015 Technology Leadership Forum Summer IT Student Networking Event

On July 21, 2015 the Technology Leadership Forum (TLF) will host its annual IT Summer Networking Event at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club from 5:30pm-8:00pm.


This annual event is an opportunity for new and existing College/University students to learn about the TLF and its Summer Internship Programme, an initiative designed to prepare students for a career in the ICT industry. They also have an opportunity to mix and mingle with top IT industry professionals in various disciplines and hear from current interns and alumni about their experiences.

This event allows the students a chance to research what employers are looking for and which direction they may want to take their studies. Likewise, it allows employers to see what the trends in IT education are and how these trends fit into their businesses.

Ian Cook, President and CEO of BAS and Gold Sponsor of the TLF, said “We are proud to be the Gold sponsor for the TLF ICT Summer Networking event, a one of a kind opportunity for personal interactions with top ICT employers. We feel it is an exciting way to demonstrate that the program is growing by leaps and bounds through their inclusion of new training modules, the development of new programs and increased Alumni involvement.

Sandra DeSilva, Managing Director and Chief Software Architect of Nova and Chair of the TLF Board remarked, “The TLF continues to strive to provide young talent with direction on key IT skills that are needed by Bermudian employers. We have found that this annual event is the perfect opportunity for IT managers to network with emerging talent and gain early access to the young professionals that are soon to be ready and keen to join the Bermuda workforce.”

The TLF would like to thank all of its valued sponsors and partners who have tangibly demonstrated their support for the initiative.  This includes: Department of eCommerce, CCS, NOVA, Logic Communications, ICS, BCS/IBM, ACT, Fidelity (FIL), Elbow Beach Resort and Renaissance Reinsurance. We would also like to thank the TLF Alumni who continue to lend their support to the program in order to encourage and provide guidance to the new students.

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