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The TLF, most commonly known for its IT internship program, is moving into a new era of growth and has chosen to share the news with the community through an interactive event where all can participate regardless of location The theme for the party is “Strengthen your Roots” – Honour who you are, where you are from and educate yourself to build lasting leadership careers in technology. This virtual party is also a meet up at Café Ten from 5:30pm – 6:30pm, followed by a professional networking opportunity for aspiring technology professionals and industry leaders. We encourage existing professionals to chime in and tell their story about how they got into the field to students interested in technology as a career choice who are currently studying locally or abroad.

The Technology Leadership Forum (TLF) is a registered charity that was formed to accommodate the growing need for qualified Bermudians in the Information Communications Technology (ICT) field. The goal of the TLF is to cultivate students who are interested in technology, encourage their growth and continued development into leaders in the ICT industry.

The TLF launched its Summer Internship Programme in 2009 and in 2014 graduated interns for a sixth year, with certificates of excellence. The TLF Summer Internship Programme introduces Bermudian students to a variety of ICT disciplines, providing the interns with a well-rounded foundation as they pursue their educational or career goals. It also helps students to develop and master the important soft skills that will be needed in the workforce. The TLF provides professional guidance through mentorship and encourages networking throughout industry. This year, as the TLF grows, it has plans to proactively cultivate their existing TLF internship alumni professionals. In addition, they plan to emerge into the youth space and encourage technology development at younger ages, with the vision to inspire students interested in technology earlier in their educational experiences. The TLF continues to look for dynamic college and university students for its Summer Internship Programme with a passion and dedication for ICT. More information will be available as our youth program advances. For more information about the TLF, please visit

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