Technology Training Advocate
A company or organization that recognizes the importance of technology to their operations and therefore consistently provides access to technology training to their employees.


A top-performing IT team starts by having the right people on board; however, today’s IT leaders are faced with the challenges of recruiting, developing, and retaining quality staff. This winning organization has developed an IT Internship program designed to meet this challenge.

It is this group’s firm belief that by investing in future employees, it will ensure that organizations will have a continuous talent source from which to draw upon for the appropriate skills and competencies needed in this dynamically changing technology environment.

And the Winner is TLF: Technology Leadership Forum – We would ask the available and attending sponsor representatives to come forward to collectively accept this award including: Dion Tucker of Renaissance Reinsurance; Jorge Grillo of Bermuda Hospitals Board; Christian Blais of Belco; Ronnie Viera First Atlantic Commerce; Coral Wells at W&W Solutions; Nancy Volesky with Government of Bermuda Ministry of Energy, Telecom and Ecommerce and Marisa Stones with Terpsichore.

The nominator for this group stated: “Whilst this is not a youth project, it is an initiative which supports youth technology. Those responsible for this organization should be recognized for their continuous support and effort to promote and encourage youth technology growth.”

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