Youth Development

The youth development programme aims to encourage students’ interest in and awareness of the Technology field. Developing young people’s interest in technology at an early stage is a core element in ensuring the success of the TLF mission and a thriving future ICT industry in Bermuda.


Education & Development

The education and training programme will increase the number of trained local, professionals in the ICT field.

The TLF Summer Internship Programme has been successfully training and mentoring IT College students for the past seven years. There are 49 TLF graduates from the Programme. The impetus of the Programme has been to assist Bermuda’s ICT employers who are faced with increasing challenges in the recruitment, development, and retention of quality staff by developing a pool of talented Bermudian ICT professionals with the aptitude to meet the needs of their respective organizations



The Alumni Programme provides mentoring and training for students who have graduated from the Summer Internship Programme. Ongoing professional development is an essential component to ready our Alumni for future leadership roles. Preparing the Alumni for the workplace through additional and ongoing training will assist to continuously improve our graduates and empower them to become ICT Leaders in our community.

Key training initiatives:

  • Management In Action Program
  • Soft Skills training (Customer Services, Time Management, Effectively Communicating)
  • Guidance for career paths and assistance with designations